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Membership Cost: $10.00 -RENEWALS $7.00

Membership Policy: All members are required to fill out a membership application in person at the door. A driver's license (state issued I.D.) or passport is required. All members must adhere to the club rules and policies to remain a member in good standing.

All members must present their membership card and a photo id to enter the club. Otherwise, you must be signed in by a member and pay the applicable GUEST COVER. No exceptions!

All members must have a valid I.D. (state issued license/I.D. or passport) and their membership card on their person at all times. No exceptions!

Respect the rights and privileges of your fellow members! It is the right of the club and its owners to refuse membership or admittance to anyone. The owners and management of the Woodshed Lounge reserve the right to remove any member or guest who does not act in a responsible manner or causes harm to self or others. Any guest of a member is subject to the same rules as the member. If you have a problem, contact an employee, and he will take care of it.

You must obey the management or bartender when they tell you to stop drinking.

Each Member will be held responsible for any damage to the facility resulting from his or her activity within the club area or parking lot. Any fines, penalties or attorney fees levied against the the Woodshed Lounge as a result of a member's activity (or his/her guest) will be paid by that member.

The Woodshed Lounge has a zero tolerance for illegal substances and activities. Any member who does not adhere to this policy will be barred and their membership will be revoked. All laws of the North Carolina alcoholic beverage control commission will be strictly enforced.

By applying for membership you agree to the terms and conditions of the Woodshed Lounge's Membership Policy.




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