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The Woodshed is open EVERY DAY!!

Monday - Saturday 5:00 PM until 2:00 AM

Sunday 3:00 PM until 2:00 AM

Your neighborhood, friendly bar where whatever goes! The Woodshed features daily drink specials, pool tables, a spacious patio and fun all through the week and weekend.

Congratulations Daddy Corey - Mr. Woodshed 2018-2019
Congratulations Juanita Cocke- Ms. Woodshed 2018-2019



Woodshed IDOL Competition | Sunday, July 7


BEARBQUE | Saturday, July 13

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 (that are really not NEW…just being re-enforced)

·         This is a Private Club for our members and guests.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.  No questions asked…

·         This is a GAY BAR.  We welcome ALL persons who respect our space…Disrespect will NOT be tolerated by anyone, for any reason.

·         You must be at least 21 years old to enter.

 ·         All that enter must have ID.

·         No large bags (including luggage, book bags or purses) are allowed inside.   

·         Outside beverages are NOT allowed inside

(This includes the drinks you fix in your car…And, yes, we know who you are…)

·         This is a place of business; one that is governed by NC State Laws and the North Carolina ABC Licensing Board. 

o    This is NOT your personal playground…

o    This is NOT your bedroom…

o    This is NOT YOUR place of business…

·         We sell beverages.  This includes alcoholic (beer and spirits) and non-alcoholic drinks. 

·         For your protection, video cameras are in use, both on the inside and on the outside of the building.  This includes the patio.

·         Bathrooms are “gender neutral”.

·         We are a BUSINESS that is attempting to provide a safe space for ALL of our patrons to have fun and enjoy themselves (within the limits of the LAW).  It is really just that simple…

·         So please leave your DRAMA, your DRUGS, your PREJUDICES, your RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS, your EXCUSES, your TEMPER, your WEAPONS, your ISSUES, and your FOOLISHNESS outside!

·         Close personal friends of the Owner, persons who feel “entitled”, employees, persons who are dating an employee, or any person who feels “exempt” from the rules is NOT!

·         We remain The Woodshed, where “a good time is had by ALL!”  Thank you for your understanding and compliance!  We appreciate your patronage!

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